Performed Services

  • Leveling, slope, repression and parallelism of dams.
  • Leveling, balancing, tilting, settling and parallelism of slopes, pillars, beams, civil and mechanical structures
  • Implantation of geodetic frames;
  • Planialtimetric survey with update of 3D mining works.
  • Cadastral planialtimetric survey
  • Planialtimetric survey for earthmoving projects.
  • Preparation and implementation of landmarks “standard DNPM” to obtain the mining contract.
  • Survey and calculation of the volumes of stocks of raw materials.
  • Rental and monitoring of civil works for mining.
  • Paging profiles for geological mapping, soil sampling and geophysical survey.
  • Rental of probes with azimuth and dip.
  • Monitoring and leasing of the mining project.