Company Presentation

Experience consolidates excellence in service delivery.

Such a specific area as the exploitation of mineral resources requires experienced professionals committed to providing quality services based on successful experience in numerous projects carried out in Brazil and abroad.

A Petrus Consultoria e Serviços Geológicos, há mais de 20 anos no mercado, oferece soluções inovadoras, personalizadas e sustentáveis nas áreas de topografia, geologia, engenharia mineral, sustentabilidade e projetos nas áreas civil e mecânica.

Its purpose is the continuous improvement of its services, the search for quality without losing sight of sustainability, social responsibility, ethics and transparency, seeking solutions that surpass the expectations of customers, adding value to their business.

We are at your disposal to bring you our services, experiences and solutions.


Petrus maintains partnerships with consultants and specialized companies in its various areas of activity.