Mineral Engineering

  • Mathematical modeling and calculation of the benefit function – GEOPIT;
  • Manufacture of exhausts and cavitation optimization studies;
  • Mining drawings of mine;
  • Optimization of the utilization of the sterile materials included in the cellar;
  • Sequencing of mining and temporal planning (long, medium and short term), according to the needs of the client;
  • Subdivision of the planning for the annual stage;
  • Subdivision of the planning for the quarterly stages;
  • Monitoring of mining for evaluation of the application of planning and optimization;
  • Primary crusher positioning studies, including in-pit crushing;
  • Crushing, treatment and handling of ore and other materials;
  • Studies of optimization of ramps by average distance of transport (DMT);
  • Final disposal of sterile cells;
  • Preparation of the Mining Master Plan. Fleet dimensioning.
  • Comparative studies of equipment – exchange X reform.
  • Economic studies and optimization of loading and transport operations;
  • Implantation and accompaniment of integral Mineral Engineering, in the client’s mine.

Performed Services